Newcomers from our Asian suppliers

After a month at high sea packed away in a container, we finally got the Floating EXPLO, Little BULB and ACORN home! And unpacking - what a fantastic feeling. Gleaming from being newly polished - all undamaged and just waiting to be refitted to modern use.

The Floating EXPLO seen on your right is one out of 20 explosion proof double tube fluorescent lamps that we have acquired. They were produced by the Korean company DAEYANG Electric Co presumably around the 70-80'ies and recently salvaged from an old Korean chemical tanker where they were used to light up the cargo space.

On arrival to our workshop, all electrical parts and wiring were assessed, tested and changed when necessary. The work was led and overseen by the competent and knowledgable head of our family and founder of Overgaard Transformere.

A potential hazard were identified with the ballast, as the Floating EXPLO is from a period where ballasts potentially could contain the hazardous material PCB - Polychlorinated Biphenyls - one of the 12 most hazardous substances listed in the Stockholm Convention, also know as the dirty dusin.

We were not able to determine if PCB were actually used, so consequently all ballast were removed and disposed of in a safe and environmental sound manner and exchanged with new LED compatible ballasts.

The Floating EXPLO, is a one of - a Moon Base Alpha style lamp that will give you just that unique edge. You can see the final result and buy the Floating EXPLO here.
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The lamp in the left and below pictures we decided to name Little BULB after Gyro Gearloose’s helper. It's a heavy duty old industrial explosion proof lighting salvaged from an oceangoing bulk carrier. We have acquired 14 of these.

On arrival to our workshop, we took them apart, cleaned them, and changed the electrical parts. They were originally used with 110V E40 Natrium bulbs, but we decided to remove the old choke coil to lighten them a bit from their overweight (27kg) and fit them with new wiring for 230V and modern high quality E27 porcelain sockets.

The lamp was produced around 60-70'ies by the renowned East German company EOW (Elektroinstallation Oberweimar). EOW was founded in 1907, and it was one of the oldest German manufacturers of special lights. This rare lamp has found use both in the maritime and land-based industry were safety is paramount.

Little BULB, is a heavy duty - retro science fiction 12 Monkeys style - lamp guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two. It can hang if your ceiling is sturdy enough or just stand on the floor. You can see the final result and buy your own Little BULB here.


This good-looking newcomer shown in the picture to the right is a classy customer with a fantastic ambience. We have acquired six of these and named them ACORN due to its shape and rippled glass.

Little has been done to the ACORN other than polishing and changing the E40 socket to a new high quality E27 porcelain socket and fitting it with a new cable.

The ACORN was produced by MERIZA in Argentina presumably in the 70'ies. MERIZA has delivered the street lamps for e.g. Buenos Aires.

The ACORN is one of our favorites - as well as our customers' - and even before finishing the refurbishing, half our stock is sold. You can see the final result and buy your own ACORN here.