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New collaboration with Pio VinBar

Industrial interior CPH has started a collaboration with Pio VinBar to showcase our lamps at their place.

Pio Wine Bar started with three friends with a passion for wine. They wanted to create a space for enjoyment and relaxation, where the interior tells a story and draws your attention. We have selected and installed many of the lamps you see in the bar and we will change them from time to time to keep you inspired.

From late February we will be showing some very unique and rare lamps. Come by and have a glass of wine and a look at them.

If you bring a signed flyer from our shop at Bülowsvej 5B, you will get 10% off the first glass of wine.


Newcomers from our Asian suppliers

After a month at high sea packed away in a container, we finally got the Floating EXPLO, Little BULB, and ACORN home to be refitted to modern use.

Floating EXPLO gives a fantastic Moon Base Alpha ambience. It is an explosion proof double tube fluorescent lamps produced by the Korean company DAEYANG Electric Co presumably in the 70-80'ies.

Little BULB, is a heavy duty - retro science fiction 12 Monkeys style - lamp guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two. The lamp was produced around 60-80'ies by the renowned East German company EOW.

The ACORN is a find. True vintage and just beautiful. Have a sneak peak at what we do to make all of them ready for you here.